James Mitchell

"...just pure feel and tone music!"

In the 22 years James has been playing guitar he has made it his ambition to be the most versatile player he can be. So he has worked hard over previous years to become competent in a number of different styles such as Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock, Funk and Soul/R&B.

As well as developing these skills, he continues to put them into practice live and in the studio. This all adds his own unique complementary touch to all that he does.


James is a truly outstanding player. This is not because he is able to play fast 'face melting' solos or play his guitar with his teeth! It is because what ever he plays is completely complementary to the music whilst being tasteful and sympathetic. It's nothing flash, just pure feel and tone music!


Main Amp: Egnater Rebel-30 w/2x1x12 Cabinets

Main Guitar: Fender Deluxe USA Stratocaster

Pedal Effects: Dunlop Bonamassa/Jerry Cantrell CryBaby, BB Pre Amp, Kalamazoo, PolyTune, ReplayBox Delay, EP Booster, RC Booster, Strymon Ola, Line 6 M5, Octa-switch, WET stereo reverb.

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