Tom Gwyther


Proud Funkline Keyboardist and Saxophonist!

Brilliant is a word truly ascribed to this outstanding musician in every sense of the word. Tom started teaching himself to play piano at the age of seven and reached professional standard by the age of sixteen without the traditional limits of classical convention. He is now a regular cocktail pianist at top Venues around the world and continues to impress audiences across the UK in various bands.

Working with the UK producer for Elton John and Eternal; he has acquired many skills in producing and promoting other acts, and still works producing in the studio

Refreshingly free and fluent in style and confidence, Tom will take you on a wonderful musical journey where you have never been before, traveling first class all the way!



Technics P30 piano,

Yamaha DG620 keyboard,

IBM laptop,

Phonic 16 band stereo EQ,

8:2 rack mixer,

200 watt monitor amp,

stereo DI out,

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